A fetish is the sexual fixiaton on activities (like smoking), body parts (like feet), materials (like leather) or objects (like shoes) that can arouse or even satisfy a person without any inherent sensuality. The anonymity of the internet gives viewers interested in those the possibility to satisfy their desires.

Cosplay and Furries

Cosplay or costume play has a wide range. From dressing up as a character from your favorite anime or manga, over fantasy and science fiction figures, all the way to furries. A furry likes to dress up in an animal costume or perform sexual acts with stuffed animals. It is not related to zoophilia.


Cross-dressers enjoy wearing clothes of the opposite sex. Gay and even straight men enjoy wearing dresses and feminine clothes, panties or bras. If you plan to go all-the-way there is a section dedicated to trans broadcasters.


The majority of foot fetishists are into bare soles and toes, others enjoy watching you interact with your feet. Rubbing them, tickling them, smelling them, giving them a kiss, biting them, licking them, sucking on toes or rubbing your genitals on them. Some also enjoy accessories on feet, like painted toe nails or jewelry.


Hair is a very specific fetish. Hair fetishists can be aroused by silky hair, hair blowing in the wind, wet hair, curly hair, frosted tips, extreme hair colours, redheads, very long hair or bleached-blond hair. It can also be the non-presence of hair or a naturally hairy body. Shaped pubes are trending lately.

Latex, Rubber and Vinyl

Skintight material such as latex, rubber or vinyl showing of every curve of your body and making you sweat like crazy has become a mainstream fetish. A soft version is the balloon fetish. People get aroused watching you inflate or pop a balloon.


Leather is a very common fetish in the BDSM scene. Most leather fetishists are into black leather and prefer your whole body covered in leather. But there are also specific leather items like leather pants, leather jackets, boots, chaps, masks or gloves that attract interest.


Tongue, lip, nipple and genital piercings are the favorite pierced body parts for fetishists. The fetish is popular around younger viewers, often alongside with a fetish for tattoos. Some enjoy single piercings and smaller piercings, others prefer the total punk look.


Ballett shoes, boots, crocs, flip-flops, high heels, sneakers - every type of shoe has lovers. Some prefer them clean, others like them dirty. New shoes have their fans, but also well-worn shoes. Most prefer the top, fewer the soles.


Smoking fetishism or capnolagnia is a common fetish and requested fairly often. It ranges from smoking cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, joints, pipes and - recently - vapes. Some enjoy watching you smoke, others would love to see you blow the smoke into the cam.

Socks and Stockings

Ankle socks, white socks, soccer socks, stockings - there are lots of shapes, designs, materials and each has their fans. Selling used socks along with photos or videos of you wearing them can be profitable.


While most people see it as body art, there are also people aroused by body ink. From the small ankle tattoo to full body art, from the thoughtful artsy tattoo to the tattoo you regret, every type has their fans. Some enjoy the look of it, others are turned on by the thought of pain it took.


Women's underwear, for example boyshorts, tangas, thongs and strings or men's underwear such as boxers, briefs and jockstraps are a major turn-on, so avoid getting fully naked right away. Selling used underwear along with photos or videos of you wearing them is very common.