Toys can be fun to use and give pleasure. They exist in numerous shapes, colours and materials. Choosing the right material for you, cleaning and storing your sex toys correctly are key for a long time of fun.



Glass is a very safe material, it's non-purous and can be cleaned easily, even with strong desinfecting cleaners or alcohol. Glass is a very solid and by default fairly cold material and cannot stand harsh temperature changes. You can clean it with water and soap and use toy cleaners without damaging the material.


Jelly is mainly used for cheap sex toys and should be avoided at all costs. The material is purous and almost impossible to be properly sanitized. Latest studies have shown that phthalates, used to make the material more flexible and harder to break, can have negative effects on your body. Jelly toys can possibly outgas chemicals making them smell and taste bad.


Rubber is a purous, very hard to clean, very sensitive material, which should only be used if there is a fetish involved. Clean it with warm water and mild soap for several minutes and make sure it dries quickly to avoid bacteria. Use a light amount of cornstarch to avoid dust sticking to the surface.


Silicone is one of the safest materials coming close to a natural body feel and look. Silicone, especially medical-grade silicone is non-purous, flexible, adjusts to room temperature and can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap and toy cleaners. Sex toys made of silicone exist in various shapes and colours.

Soft-Skin, Cyberskin, etc.

These proprietary materials give you the most natural body and skin feel, they are soft and stretchable. The material is purous and has to be cleaned intensely to avoid bacteria. They can be very sticky, collect dust easily and absorb chemicals. Clean them with warm water and use cornstarch when dried.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is non-purous and can be easily cleaned, similar to glass it is very solid and fairly cold if you do not heat it up in warm water or your heating pre-use. Stainless steel has a medical look to it, giving it a kinkier look. You can clean it with hot - even boiling - water and antibacterial soap and use toy cleaners.


  • 1. Clean your sex toy after every use

    Remove batteries if included, use warm water and soap to clean your toy from body fluids, lube and bacteria. Make sure you fully wash off the soap, it's best to hold your toy under running water for a bit. Let it dry using air.

  • 2. Clean your sex toy before every use

    To be safe, clean your sex toy before every use aswell, even if you cleaned it intensely after you used it. Wash off dust using running water.

  • 3. Use the right soap

    It is safe to go with mild hand soap for most materials, if you want to be extra safe use mild antibacterial hand soap. Before using toy cleaners make sure they are compatible with the material of your sex toy to avoid damage.

  • 4. Let it dry

    I cannot repeat this enough, it is important to dry your sex toy quickly after cleaning to avoid growth of bacteria or fungi.

  • 5. Use water-based lube

    Do not use silicone or oil based lube, it can stick to the material and break down the surface of your toy. Make sure to clean off all lube right after use.

  • 6. Store them correctly

    Keep your sex toys in a clean, cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Use a dust bag or a toy storage box to store your toys. Do not use plastic bags or plastic containers to avoid chemicals being absorbed by your toy. Keep your toys separate as materials can mix.

  • 7. Use a condom

    If you want to use the sex toy with a partner or to go the safe route, use a condom, especially for toys made of purous materials.

  • 8. Remove batteries when not used

    Remove the batteries after each use, not only does it drain the battery life, but they can also corrode your toy.

  • 9. Check for irregularities

    Once you notice your sex toy changes colours, becomes purous, smells weird or shows other forms of irregularities, it is time to throw it away. Better be safe than sorry.