Don't underestimate having a chat with your viewers, it helps you enjoy your broadcast more and viewers having a good time become fans and followers quickly. Apps can not only help you make more money but also be fun.

Set up apps and bots before starting your broadcast so your viewers get your full attention.

Let your viewers know you are live by sending a notification, tweeting and/or a snap.

Let your moderators know in advance when you are going to broadcast so they can help.

Before you start your live video feed, you should select the app you want to start with. You can choose one app below your broadcast window, recommended apps to start with are Roll The Dice! or Token Keno. For experienced broadcasters Tip Multi-Goal would be a good option. Next run your bots for your tip menu, leaderboards and notifications. They will inform your viewers about your prices, your best tippers and repeatedly post notifications of your choice. You can run up to three bots at the same time in case you need more options. An all-in-one solution is the popular Ultra Bot.

Ultra Bot Setup Screenshot Screenshot of the bot Ultra Bot ↗ by britney_and_justin.
  1. 1

    Choose the Bot

    Below your broadcast window is a tab Apps & Bots, click Choose a Bot next to Bot #1.

  2. 2

    Find the Bot

    Search for Ultra Bot in the search bar at the top right. Choose the bot from author britney_and_justin.

  3. 3

    Launch the Bot

    Click on Launch Bot, most settings are good to go by default.

  4. 4

    Change enter message

    Change "Welcome to my room!" to "Welcome! Please check out my Bio for more information! Enjoy!"

  5. 5

    Change periodic message

    Change "Be nice!" to a tip menu: Kiss (5) Armpits (15) Feet (15) Flex (15) Dick Flash (25),...

  6. 6

    Start Bot

    Click the Start Bot button to run your Bot. Done!

Once everything is set and running, start your live video feed as explained in the Beginner's Guide and let your viewers know you are broadcasting by sending out an e-mail notification to your followers, a tweet with a link to your profile or a sexy snap. Welcome your viewers, greet your regular tippers, moderators, fanclub members and have a chat with them. If your room is busy, limit private messages as they can slow down your stream and distract from main chat. Ask your viewers to tip for PMs or ignore them completely and let your viewers use tip notes to ask you private questions. Have an e-mail adress in your profile so viewers can request custom pictures and videos and schedule private shows. Most questions can easily be avoided by having a detailed tip menu.

If you do private shows during public shows, offer a cheap rate to spy to keep tippers happy.

Don't mute your broadcast, natural sounds and moans are known to be a turn-on.

If you have to leave soon, announce it ahead, maybe finish in a quick ticket show.

Don't do private shows while viewers tip towards a goal or when you run the CrazyTicket app, your tippers will be left disappointed waiting for you, even worse, they might leave upset. Scheduling your private shows is the best way to have unrestricted attention for your client. Be aware that every viewer who tipped 25 or more tokens within 24 hours can rate you based on your performance and trustworthiness, so make sure you please your tippers. Many potential tippers take your satisfaction score into consideration before tipping. Have your moderators remind your viewers to rate and follow you. There are several graphics to help with that, you can access all available graphics by typing : in chat followed by the name, for example :followtip99 or :z-tipfollowsatisfy.

Chat Graphics Screenshot
  1. 1

    Type the trigger

    The trigger for all graphics is a : (colon).

  2. 2

    Find a graphic

    Type in a letter or a word to launch a popup with matching graphics.

  3. 3

    Preview it

    Left-click any command from the list to see a preview.

  4. 4

    Use it

    The graphic's command is already in your chat bar, push enter to post it in the chat.

Maintain a good balance of graphics in your chat, while it can be fun to post memes, it can also ruin the chat experience when overused. Have your moderators warn spammers and silence them if they don't slow down. Don't turn off graphics completely, there are several useful ones for broadcasters and moderators to help run the show. If you don't have any moderators (yet) promote 1 or 2 viewers, by default their moderator rights expire after 24 hours, so it's easy to check how well they perform without having to revoke their moderator rights. People asking for moderator rights turn out to be a bad idea alot.

Don't accept payments afterwards, make your tippers pay upfront for requests.

Inform yourself about fetishes, try to please viewers with special interests.

Toys, especially interactive toys like the Lovense Lush, are very popular improvements.

The expiration time of your moderator's rights and several other settings can be found in your chat window behind the cogwheel tab next to the users list. Here you can also clear silences and bans in case you or a moderator made a mistake. If you want to revoke the rights of a moderator who is not in your room currently you can do that here. The settings tab offers a variety of options to handle your chat and change your chat experience.

  • Show Emoticons

    Emoticons are not just smileys that can be chosen from your chat bar next to the send-button. All graphics used by apps and the ones used by yourself and your moderators are emoticons aswell. If you are overwhelmed with graphics in your chat you should still choose YES from the dropdown menu and use a bot that limits the use of graphics in your chat like No Grey Demands Graphics Caps. The bot will also help with annoying demands.

  • Highest Token Color

    This option doesn't affect your own room. If you tend to visit other rooms and don't want to reveal that you are a big spender you can limit the highest token color to what you think is appropiate. Most users go with light blue.

  • Sort Users

    By default your user-list-tab is sorted alphabetically within groups. Moderators on top, then dark purple users, then light purple users, then dark blue users, followed by light blue users, greys and anonymous viewers. If you are curious who holds the most tokens, you can choose to sort the list by tokens owned. Keep in mind that tokens owned does not always mean the user is a big spender.

  • Chat Allowed By

    If your room is busy and your mods can't silence people fast enough you can choose to limit the ability to chat to a certain group of users. Usually it's chosen to disallow chat for greys as they don't own tokens.

  • Moderators Expire After

    By default your chosen moderators lose their rights 24 hours after you promoted them. With this option you can choose to grant their rights for as long as 6 months.

  • Notify on Entry/Leave For

    If you have a small room or you are just starting out, it might be nice to see everyone joining your room, but if your room is busy you will end up being overwhelmed with notifications. Go with Mods and Fans.

  • Silence Other Broadcasters

    Sick of other broadcasters using your room to advertise themselves? With this option you can prevent them from chatting in your room. Keep in mind that alot of broadcasters earn tokens just so they can tip others and don't cash out.

Chaturbate Settings-Tab Screenshot

With chat under control and everything set you can focus on performing for your viewers. If you attract alot of viewers but tips are coming in rarely, there could be several reasons to cause that. First thing you should do is browse the section you broadcast in. Is there a very popular broadcaster or even several? Are other rooms fairly empty? Then your time bracket might not be the best for you. Chaturbate attracts viewers from all over the world, all with different timezones. The majority of viewers live in Europe and the United States, use this map to find a better time to broadcast at. Still no tips coming in? Question your prices, even though you might receive 5 Cents per token, your viewers pay up to 12 Cents for each token, depending on the amount they buy at once. It is always a good idea to start fairly cheap until you have a steady following, multiple tippers working together can reach higher goals. Browse rooms similar to your's to get an idea of how much you could charge. Male broadcasters generally make less than female broadcasters, so don't copy the tip menu from your favourite female broadcaster if you are male. Do not change your prices throughout the show, if you don't reach your goal, offer a private show or finish off with a CrazyTicket show to keep your tippers happy, if noone is buying set a fair timer until you leave. Try a different app or lower your goals in the next broadcast. Still having problems reaching your goals? The quality of your broadcast is a major factor aswell, viewers prefer high definition content over a pixely stuttering stream.