CrazyTicket Video Guide


The CrazyTicket app on Chaturbate offers you to make your show watchable only by viewers that bought a ticket for a set amount of tokens before or during the show. For all other viewers a black screen appears telling them to buy a ticket in order to watch the show.

Improves Privacy

Only viewers that paid for a ticket can watch your show, this minimizes recordings and therefor shared content.

Converts Freeloaders

Viewers have to tip to view your show, CrazyTicket is the app converting the most greys into tippers.


CrazyTicket is not compatible with common browsers of mobile devices and tablets as the app requires viewers to have Adobe Flash Player.

CrazyTicket Setup Screenshot Screenshot of the app CrazyTicket ↗ by acrazyguy.
  1. 1

    Choose the App

    Below your broadcast window is a tab Apps & Bots, click Choose an App next to Active App.

  2. 2

    Find the App

    Search for CrazyTicket in the search bar at the top right. Choose the app from author acrazyguy.

  3. 3

    Launch the App

    Click on Launch App and fill out the options as explained below.

Setup & Run CrazyTicket on Chaturbate

Token Goal (optional)

If you previously run tip goal apps you should leave this empty otherwise set the minimum goal to start your hidden show here.

Show Description

Describe what your viewers are paying for, make it obvious or viewers will be hesitating to tip.

Ticket Price

The minimum amount of tokens in a single tip in order to receive a ticket. If your price is 100 tokens and a viewer tips 25 + 25 + 50 totaling a 100 tokens he will still not receive a ticket, but can be manually added later if you wish.

Ticket price for FANS

The discounted price your fanclub members have to pay in order to watch the show. Usually it’s half the price of the regular ticket. If you have an expensive fanclub I would advice to give them free tickets through a later option.

Enter Lifetime Ticket Holders’ names here

If you have friends or regular tippers you want to give free access to add their nicknames separated by comma here. (nickname1,nickname2,nickname3)

Hide tip total from viewers?

If you want your total amount of tips added hidden from your viewers pick YES, but I don’t see any reason for this, so go with NO.

Show the no. of ticket holders actually in the room (Viewing)

Below your broadcast window it will show how many people have bought a ticket and how many are actually watching. If you do a good show go with YES, if you disappoint alot and people leave early go with NO.

Enable the Outstanding Ticket System?

If you postponed/cancelled a show tickets can remain valid for the next show, I would suggest going with NO and add people manually as they can request a refund if you didn’t do the show they tipped for and still get a ticket for your next show for free.

Enter Outstanding Ticket holders’ names here if you only have a few.

If people had to leave early you can add their nicknames here in order to not forget them next time and give them a ticket automatically (nickname1,nickname2,nickname3).

Allow moderators to add/delete users (and themselves) to the show?

If you have trustworthy moderators you can allow them to add and delete users to the show by using commands. Go with NO if you don’t know your mods very well since they can abuse this.

Allow moderators to change the ticket price for you?

Some broadcasters increase the price after the show has started to give an advantage to viewers that bought their tickets in advance, if you don’t do this set it to NO.

Automatically give Mods a ticket when they enter the room?

Appreciate the work your moderators do for you helping you with your show by giving them a free ticket to your hidden show. In most cases they will be busy handling chat requests and problems with mobile and tablet viewers so they are unlikely to enjoy the show anyway. Also useful to let your moderators stop ticket sales when the show is finished but still hidden. Go with YES if you want them to receive a free ticket.

Automatically give Fanclub Members a ticket when they enter?

Value your fanclub members by giving them a free ticket to your hidden show if you choose YES. Go with NO if you used the discounted ticket option or if you don’t want them to receive a free ticket.

Click Start App to run this app.


Apps have several commands to control them during the broadcast. This list highlights the most commonly used commands.

/starttimer 5

Set a timer to let your viewers know when the show will start, you can exchange the 5 to any number of minutes you want to.

/add randomnickname

This command allows you to add users that did not pay for their ticket, commonly used if their friends bought a ticket for them. /add shirley will add the viewer shirley to the list of ticket holders.


Usable by you, your moderators and your viewers will list them all current ticket holders.


This will set the show to hidden, from this point on only ticket holders will be able to watch your show.


Indicates the the show has ended but keeps the show hidden, if you think it’s not worth buying a ticket anymore use this command to stop ticket sales and inform users that the show is about to end.


This command will end the hidden show and will make your broadcast available to anyone again.