CrazyTicket Video Guide

Roll The Dice!

Roll The Dice! is a great app to tease and flash, you set a certain price for the dice to be rolled and the prize is chosen randomly and announced in chat. It gives your viewers the possibility of keeping the show going for a fairly cheap price but if they are unlucky and are looking for something specific, they have to roll multiple times.


Viewers gamble for random prizes, tipping becomes playful and noone has to wait until goals are met.

Improves Preview

As you will constantly perform the prizes your viewers won, your preview picture will never be boring and more people tend to click.


The same prize can be won multiple times in a row and there is no option to prevent that, especially for larger tips that can become repetitive.

Roll The Dice! Setup Screenshot Screenshot of the app Roll The Dice! ↗ by zingknaat.
  1. 1

    Choose the App

    Below your broadcast window is a tab Apps & Bots, click Choose an App next to Active App.

  2. 2

    Find the App

    Search for Roll The Dice! in the search bar at the top right. Choose the app from author zingknaat.

  3. 3

    Launch the App

    Click on Launch App and fill out the options as explained below.

Setup & Run Roll The Dice! on Chaturbate

How much do you want to charge per roll?

I would advice on going with a fairly low amount of tokens (15 to 25) to keep your viewers playing constantly. The big advantage of this app is that your viewers don’t have to risk alot to get something in return, so it’s especially great for new broadcasters that need to build a reputation. Keep in mind your viewer might not win their desired prize the first time so they will keep going and it adds up.

Remove prize from list after each roll?

If you are going for temporary prizes (flashes) go with NO, if you are going for prizes that can only happen once (remove underwear) go with YES.

Use traditional (6-sided) or Chinese (10-sided) dice?

You have 13 prizes available with the traditional dice, 12 common prizes and a rare option. The chinese dice offers you up to 21 options. 13 should be enough for most so go with traditional.

What is the minimum number of rolls before the rare dice can appear?

This is the minimum amount of rolls until the rare dice can be rolled, before that it is advertised, but can’t be won. This is a great way to finish off the show, so set the amount of rolls as high as the goal you would choose. In this example 50 rolls of 15 tokens each make a total of 750 tokens, it will likely be more since the prize is not guaranteed to roll the 51st time. Set this to your daily minimum token goal.

In minutes, how often should the app advertise itself?

The app shows an advertising to your viewers announcing them about the prizes to be won and how to play, 10 minutes is a good balance of being often enough and not too often to be annoying.

Prize for rolling 1 (to 12)

Here you set the prize for each number to be rolled, prizes are not won in this order, this is just the result of what rolling the number x will reveal as prize. Fill all fields with prizes like flashes (show boobs, show dick, show ass, spank ass, etc.) and add some fillers (blow a kiss, smile, etc.).

Prize for rolling 13 (or 21 for chinese dice)

This is the rare prize that becomes available only after the dice has been rolled a previously set amount of times. This should be a prize of higher value, it can be your final goal (cum show) or a desired prize (snapchat or kik) lazy people like to set this prize to a random video to be received.

Click Start App to run this app.


Apps have several commands to control them during the broadcast. This list highlights the most commonly used commands.


This command is used by your viewers and advertised through the app. The viewer (and just the viewer) gets to see the prizes available.

/prizes all

This command is available to you and your moderators, it will post the available prizes to everyone in your chat.


This command shows the past 40 winners, it can be used by your viewers to check if a prize has been won.