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Tip Multi-Goal

If you have an ongoing show with fixed amounts of tokens for each goal the app Tip Multi-Goal is a great way to handle the tracking of goals for you. You can set your desired amount of tokens for each goal to be hit and even have your show end in a hidden show watchable by your tippers only.

Improves Privacy

The app has an option allowing only viewers that tipped towards your goals to watch your show after hitting the final goal.

No Maintenance

Once you have your app running everything is automated which gives you full attention to your viewers and show.

No Adjustments

If you are having an exceptional or very slow broadcast every change to your current and upcoming goals is visible.

Tip Multi-Goal Setup Screenshot Screenshot of the app Tip Multi-Goal ↗ by mx2k6.
  1. 1

    Choose the App

    Below your broadcast window is a tab Apps & Bots, click Choose an App next to Active App.

  2. 2

    Find the App

    Search for Tip Multi-Goal in the search bar at the top right. Choose the app from author mx2k6.

  3. 3

    Launch the App

    Click on Launch App and fill out the options as explained below.

Setup & Run Tip Multi-Goal on Chaturbate

After last goal

Default will let your show end with the final goal, loop last goal will auto-reset your last goal infinitely, start hidden show will make your broadcast after hitting the final goal only watchable to viewers that previously tipped the minimum amount to enter or will tip now.

Tokens to enter hidden show before starting (if selected)

If you chose start hidden show previously enter the minimum amount of tokens total a viewer must have tipped contributing to previous goal in order to access the hidden show.

Tokens to enter hidden show after starting (if selected)

If you chose start hidden show previously enter the minimum amount of tokens for viewers that have NOT contributed to previous goals in order for them to access the hidden show. You can set this to a higher number to punish leechers.

Final Goal Met Subject

What happens after the last goal, this will be used as room subject (for example: Cum Show Goal Reached! Thanks to all tippers!)

Progression Mode

Automatic will automatically start the next goal after the previous goal has been met, manual will have you start your next goal manually.

Tipper Highlight Colour Scheme

Keep this to legacy if you don’t care for colours.

Add time remaining to subject if running?

You can set timers for your goals to be met, choose YES if you want to show how much time is left.

Allow mods to use broadcaster commands?

Go with YES if you trust your moderators otherwise go with NO.

Hide your total token haul?

The app shows your total amount of tokens received below your broadcasting window by default, if you don’t want this revealed set it to YES.

Change the subject for each tip (if no, tokens remaining not shown in subject)

Shows the remaining amount of tokens needed for your current goal to be met in your room subject, I would advice going with YES.

Hashtags (appended after the goal and token counter to the room subject)

If you use Hashtags to list your cam add them here, I personally don’t see much use in them.

Goal x Token Amount

The amount of tokens needed in total for the goal entered below to be met.

Goal x Description

Describe what happens once the amount of tokens you previously set is met. It’s popular to start with teasing/flashes and then use the next goal to undress, a common progression for a male would be: Show Dick > Show Ass > Remove Shirt > Remove Pants > Remove Underwear > Get Hard > Cum

Click Start App to run this app.


Apps have several commands to control them during the broadcast. This list highlights the most commonly used commands.


Skips the current goal and goes on with the next one. Good for slow nights.


Announces the next goal to the chat, so viewers know what to expect.

/timer 5

Sets a timer for 5 minutes for the goal to be met, the 5 can be exchanged with any other amount of minutes.

/admit randomnickname

If you chose to go with a hidden show after your final goal you can use this command to add viewers to the ticket holder list.


Toggles the hidden show modus, as it starts automatically after your last goal has been met you can use this to end your hidden show and go back into public mode.