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Token Keno

With the Token Keno app on Chaturbate the viewer has the choice to tip for a number on a board of set size that has prizes hidden behind each number. It's the viewers choice to risk tipping a higher number expecting a better prize or going for a small number and maybe ending up lucky.


A special reward is given to the MVP (Most Valuable Player) as a result you may end up having 2 or more tippers competing for the special prize.

Low & High friendly

Big tippers can go for high numbers or clear multiple numbers at once while low tippers can tip for the small numbers.


Few viewers end up being confused why they are getting no prize if they tipped for a number that has already been cleared.

Token Keno Setup Screenshot Screenshot of the app Token Keno ↗ by calvin06.
  1. 1

    Choose the App

    Below your broadcast window is a tab Apps & Bots, click Choose an App next to Active App.

  2. 2

    Find the App

    Search for Token Keno in the search bar at the top right. Choose the app from author calvin06.

  3. 3

    Launch the App

    Click on Launch App and fill out the options as explained below.

Setup & Run Token Keno on Chaturbate

Highest Number on Board

This number determines the total amount of numbers and your total goal, a board with numbers going from 1 to 50 makes a total of 1275 tokens.

Lowest Number on Board

If you are not willing to to give away prizes for a low amount of tokens set this to a higher number. Remember that you can hide more losses behind lower numbers so you don’t have to flash for 1 token.

No random prizes below this number

Only needed if you don’t set a prize for each number. If you don’t want to finger yourself using 5 fingers for 1 token set this to a higher number so a tip of 1 token will result in a loss.

Cleared Board Goal Description

Shortly mention what will happen after the board has been cleared. It is repeated throughout the game and mentioned in your room subject.

Special prize for the MVP at game end

Pick a prize the your highest tipper will receive once the board is fully cleard (and only if it will be cleared). Popular are access to Snapchat, kik, custom photo sets, a video from your archive and for large boards prizes like used underwear or a private show.

Fixed Tip Amount (all numbers cost the same – leave blank for regular keno. Partial and group tips will be disabled)

Every number costs the same, the number has to be chosen during the tip. This option ends up to be highly confusing, because people don’t understand that they have to pick a number during their tip so I would advice against this.

Call multiple numbers with big tips?

A big tip will clear as many high numbers as fit. A tip of 100 will clear the numbers 50 and 49 on a board of 1 to 50. Go with YES.

Show leader board?

If you have chosen a reward for your MVP it’s crucial to let them know what position they are at. I would highly recommend choosing YES.

Allow group tipping? (no wasted tips – small tips add to a progress goal towards the hightest number)

If a small tip is given but the number is cleared or not available, these tokens will be deducted from your highest number available. Several small tips can trigger a high prize. If you want to keep this tips as your own bonus go with NO, otherwise choose YES.

Prize x:

Choose a prize like flashes, actions, requests. If you enter less prizes than you have numbers the other numbers will trigger a loss. The ratio of wins to losses is shown to your viewers, don’t have too many losses compared to prizes.

Prize x # (leave #’s blank for random assignment)

If you want Prize 1 to be hidden behind Prize 1 # enter a 1 here. If you leave these # fields empty prizes will be randomly assigned to numbers. You risk to do big prizes for a very low amount of tokens and triggering losses for big tippers.

Click Start App to run this app.


Apps have several commands to control them during the broadcast. This list highlights the most commonly used commands.


Shows the token board and indicates which numbers are still available and which have been cleared. If you or a moderator type this it will be send to everyone in your chat, if a viewer types it, it will only be viewable to them.


Shows a list of available prizes and prizes that have already been won. If you or a moderator type this it will be send to everyone in your chat, if a viewer types it, it will only be viewable to them.


Shows the current leaderboard, you can have this automatically posted every few minutes by the app. If you or a moderator type this it will be send to everyone in your chat, if a viewer types it, it will only be viewable to them.