OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media service. Users can subscribe to certain profiles and their content will appear in their feed. Content can range from text posts, over images (GIFs aswell) to videos. Each post can contain multiple elements. Subscriptions are monthly, they can be free or rank up to 50 USD per month.

The website is free of third party ads and very focused on content.

Their fee is fairly reasonable, they charge 20% on every transaction.

They offer basic protection against downloading content.

OnlyFans is operated by Fenix International Limited based in London, United Kingdom. They have been around since 2016 and gained massive popularity in 2018 when Leonid Radvinsky - the owner of MyFreeCams - bought 75% of the company.

Explicit pornographic content is allowed to be posted but not mandatory. OnlyFans is popular around fitness models and musicians aswell. Their main portion of content creators seems to be posting adult content though.

The network prevents the subscriber from downloading content by blocking right clicks to save images or videos, this can be bypassed by editing your Javascript settings, by using a browser addon like Downloader for and even on mobile devices by using Aloha Browser. All contents are watermarked by default with a link to the content creator's profile page.

It's free to subscribe to your profile by default, you can set the price to up to 50 USD per month. Free profiles can still charge their subscribers by offering locked content, that needs to be paid for. This can be individual photos or photo sets, aswell as videos. The price for this locked content has a maximum of 500 USD per post. If you decided on a monthly subscription fee you can give discounts aswell. There are promotions for new signups, prepaid packages for users signing up for multiple months in advance and you can create trial links aswell giving users access for free. Subscribers can also send a tip under every post, on your profile page or through direct messages.

Earnings can be paid out after 7 days with a minimum withdrawal of 20 USD. It usually takes 3-5 business days for your payout to be processed. Payment methods vary depending on your country. Withdrawals can be done manually or automatically every day, every week or every month.

OnlyFans is widely accepted, influencers from Instagram or Tik Tok and even celebrities use it to market their content.

Earnings are available after 7 days, payouts can be requested daily.

Locking content makes it available only to those paying extra.

You are in good company among influencers and celebrities.

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    Click the link to the Signup Form.

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    Signup using your Google or Twitter account or create one using your e-mail and password.

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    Read and accept the ToS and Privacy Policy and click Sign up.