It's important to not have your broadcasting experience affect your personal life. While there is no need to be ashamed of it, it's still looked down upon and can affect your career. Follow these tips to keep your privacy intact.

  • “Privacy and security are those things you give up when you show the world what makes you extraordinary.”
    Margaret Cho
  • “Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.”
    Marshall McLuhan
  • “I'd like people to get a sense of who I am, yet I want to keep my privacy, too.”
    Rosamund Pike

If you put yourself out on the internet it is important to be aware of the consequences because the internet never forgets and simple mistakes can affect your future and ruin your fun. Your main concern should be your privacy, even if you have introduced friends and family to what you are doing, there still are people like your neighbors or future employers that might look down upon what you are doing.


Choose a username that is unique to your broadcasts, it should not be similar to usernames you already use for your private social media and should have no connection to your real name or your location.


Use a dedicated e-mail account for your broadcasts, it is possible to search for other internet accounts by entering your e-mail adress and people's names have been revealed by having forgotten to turn off sender's name for replies.


Make sure your room is not decorated with identifiable objects like local sports team banners, a sports jersey with your name on it or private pictures.


If you post pictures make sure you did not post them elsewhere. It is easy to track down original posts through reverse image search and a common way to find other online profiles.


Don't show pizza boxes or other food and beverage containers on cam, local delivery services put their name or logo on it to use them as advertising.


If you have an Amazon wishlist it might reveal your real name and location, especially if you have it connected to a shipping adress, check it for yourself before publishing your link.


When you receive money through PayPal your name is revealed to the sender. Create a separate business PayPal account for your broadcasting income.


Turn off locations when using social media. Your location might be revealed just by sending a tweet.


Avoid showing your smartphone screen. Notifications, incoming calls or local news apps being used have lead to leaks in the past.


Do not broadcast in public places, it is possible to find out your location through unique buildings or simply the angle of the sun and planes passing.


Setup Google Alerts for your username(s) and real name to be informed when something is posted about you on the internet. It is common to replace vowels with numbers or * so add those variations aswell. If your name is Mike add M1k3 aswell.


Be aware of recordings. Not only individuals are likely to capture your broadcast but professional businesses automatically record alot of broadcasts and post them online, several even sell your content.