Please viewers who can't get enough of you, offer them photo sets, clips and videos - custom or pre-made. Find out the benefits of each way to host a private show and consider selling your usernames on social media and messenger services.

  • Photo Sets

    Chaturbate gives you the option to upload photo sets, you can offer them for free or sell them for tokens. I would highly recommend to make use of both options. Upload a free photo set with very basic photos of good quality. Tease your viewers, don't please them. Don't reveal too much, this photo set is just intended to create appetite for more.

    As second photo set go with a very cheap photo set of flashes, so viewers can get to know what they are in for before tipping you or buying more photo sets. Include one photo of each of the flashes you usually offer.

    Now create photo sets with single body parts your viewers might be into. Ass, boobs, dick, feet, underwear and vagina are common options.

    If you have the opportunity of a photographer taking photos of you and you have a large following, create themed photo sets or photo series, basically containing what a usual show includes but with custom settings and high-quality close-ups.

  • Video On-Demand

    Videos are far more popular than photos and you can charge more for them. By default there is no option to download your videos, but there are browser addons offering ways to bypass that. Videos are kept in the buyer's collection for unlimited streaming as long as you keep the video. Videos offer a great value for fanclub members aswell, especially if you upload videos on a regular basis.

    Offer short clips at a low price, these can be snippets from previous broadcasts or small movies made with your smartphone.

    Full length videos containing action you would usually see in a porn scene are a great way for extra tokens with no repeated effort and will boost the amount of fanclub members if you keep the monthly price fair. Upload screenshots of more expensive videos as free or cheap photo sets.

    Don't forget to advertise your videos in the chat from time to time, if a viewer buys a photo set or video it will be highlighted in the chat which often leads to further sales.

  • Private Shows

    The default way to do a private show would be the pay-per-minute (charged in blocks of 10 seconds) option, which allows the viewer to go into a private chat room with you and exclusively watch your broadcast. Others can spy on the broadcast for a price you can adjust in your settings, but they will be unable to chat with you. You can choose to disable this option aswell. Another option you should think about is giving your customers a recording of the private show after it has finished, so they can rewatch it whenever they want. It makes a private show with you more valuable, since it is not a one-time-thing, but it is also the easiest way for technical unaware viewers to get a recording and potentially make it available to others.

    Another option is to set a password for your broadcast. Only viewers who know your room password will be able to access your profile, your broadcast and chat. Discuss a price upfront and charge the full amount of tokens in advance. As several broadcasters tend to slow down their private shows when they charge per minute to make more tokens, this option is getting more and more popular around viewers. Keep in mind: If you do not deliver what you have discussed in advance, your customer can ask for a refund of the full amount. It is way more complicated to get a full refund for a pay-per-minute show, as the viewer can cancel it anytime. Many broadcasters charge their customers through Amazon gift cards, but tokens are the only accepted form of payment on Chaturbate.

    Skype is the number one video messaging service for private shows outside of Chaturbate. Here you can charge your customers in any way you desire and it is a great way to keep in contact with your customers aswell. The word "Skype" is blacklisted on Chaturbate and you are not allowed to promote your messengers in Chaturbate chat. If you read terms like Skpe, Skp, blue messenger or big S, you know they refer to Skype. If you use the word "Skype" in one of your chat messages, the message will only be visible to you, noone else will be able to read it.

  • Messengers

    Sell usernames you use on social media and messenger services, this way your viewers can keep in touch with you outside of shows and get to know you better on a more personal level. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go and how communicative you want to be. Responding late or sending short replies might seem like a good way to limit it, but it might also annoy your customers. Kik, Skype, Snapchat and WhatsApp are the most popular services. Lifetime usernames can be sold for more tokens, but resetting usernames every month or every few months can be more lucrative in the long run.

    Messengers are also a great way to sell more content, you can offer custom photo sets or videos or lure your chat partner into a private show. Some custom teasers and knowing what your chat partner likes work wonders.

  • Underwear

    Worn underwear or generally worn clothing is very popular, it gives viewers a more intimate connection to you. This is where alot of broadcasters put a line that shouldn't be crossed, but it can be very lucrative, especially with repeated purchases and subscriptions to deliver worn underwear on a regular basis. The longer the item should be worn, the more you should charge. Good ways to upsell are frosted (cum stains) or very used (urine stains) items, depending on what your customer is into. You can charge in tokens or direct forms of payment, but you should consider having your customer buy you new underwear instead. As a true fan of underwear, your customer might be willing to pay alot more to see you in higher priced underwear in the future and getting the option to buy it one day.

    Offer custom photo sets or videos of you wearing the underwear and maybe saying out the name of your customer.

    Ship the underwear in a sealed bag to keep the flavor. Do not put your adress on the envelope and try to ship it without a local postage stamp on it.

To upload a photo set or video you need to go to your profile.

My Profile

Then click on the tab Bio.

Profile Tabs

In the bottom, right before the About me section you will find Pics & Videos.

Upload new Photo Set or Video

Now give your upcoming upload a title, a description, set a price or keep it at 0 to make it accessible for free.

Create a Photo Set or Video

Upload your file(s), wait for your upload to be reviewed and you are done! Good luck with sales!